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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Oct 28, 2023
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**Community Guidelines:**

We're here to foster a friendly and productive environment for all PremiumStuff members and visitors. Please abide by the following rules to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone:

**1. Respect for All Members:**
- Our platform aims to facilitate the exchange of information and income generation through discussions.
- Disagreements may occur, but be polite and avoid harassment, profanity, personal attacks, trolling, and offensive language.
- Report rule violations to moderators or use the report function.

**2. Active Contribution:**
- We encourage active participation to keep the forum vibrant.
- Contribute by creating new threads and responding with informative and relevant content.

**3. Advertising Guidelines:**

- Advertising is primarily allowed in your signature and in designated sections for referral reviews.
- Do not promote outside these areas.
- Share helpful information only when necessary.

**4. Forbidden Activities:**
- Prohibited activities include spam, post bumping, double posting, cross-posting, plagiarism, rants, publishing private messages without consent, threats, impersonation, exploiting forum security, illegal activities, duplicate accounts, using tools to conceal IP addresses without approval, and religious discrimination.

**5. Zero Tolerance:**
- Immediate bans result from harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, hateful, obscene, or illegal content, including adult material and discussions or links to such content.

**6. Privacy:**
- This is a private platform, and content may be removed by moderators without notice.
- Please respect the privacy of information marked as private.

**7. Changes:**
- These rules may be updated at any time. Please periodically check for revisions.

Let's build a respectful and thriving community together. Thank you for your cooperation!